Wink Letters & Design



Hi there! 

I'm the kid that drew on the walls, much to my mother's utter dismay. I'm also the kid who was hopeless at math & science and doodled during assessment tests (I mean, why answer the questions when you can fill in all those circles in some sort of awesome pattern?), much to my teachers utter dismay. 

Being made to move around a lot due to my father's job—I bounced from the southern US, to Colombia, South America, to London, and then to Philly—drawing, painting & a general love of the arts were my way of making a mark, starting a conversation, and dare I say, my way of getting noticed?

All roads inevitably led to art school where I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art (that's right hon!) and armed with a BFA in Printmaking, I eventually landed & settled in Washington, DC. It's here that I've made my home and where I met & married my husband—we have one kid "The Boy!" & one dumb, but lovable dog named Maggie.

For ongoing superfluous commentary on life, letters and what nots, check me out Instagram


#QuotesFromUppityWomen is an *almost* weekly Instagram series where I not only attempt tap into how women throughout history have used their voice, but how I find mine through my love of letters, calligraphy & flourish. Want a quote lettered? Contact me, I would love to collaborate!